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Rt Jp dE RIZE Program – A Youth Arts Organization

Welcome To RIZE

RIZE is a youth arts non-profit organization that fosters the arts to promote a healthy lifestyle.

RIZE programs are geared toward solutions for social adversity, violence prevention, criminal justice reform initiatives by uniting our cultures as one through performing & media arts education.

Our mission is to unite our culturally diverse communities by strengthening families for social change. To create art programs and policy initiatives that support families and youth.

Our vision and goal is to give our community the avenue to express themselves artistically, and to provide positive reinforcement to the community at-large.

  • Create jobs for artist in urban cities
  • Advocacy for Criminal Justice Reform 
  • Focus on youth mental & physical health with art therapy
  • Create opportunity for tourism into urban cities and increase business revenue in the arts

Don't forget to head over to our Gallery page to view more of our videos and pictures!

RIZE Programs and Events:

  • HIP HOP Dance  Every Weds 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM GoggleWorks Studio 411

  • LIVE TO READ CAMPAIGN - A grade level reading campaign that aims to raise awareness and celebrate the importance of reading in urban communities

  • #iCOMMIT CAMPAIGN - Global Community Action Campaign that focuses on Health, Education, Family and Environment.The #iCommit campaign inspires youth to take real ownership of social adversity issues, be more resourceful, and exercise their inherent leadership skills. Youth from every walk of life can creatively apply its lessons to make an immediate, positive and powerful impact in their community, school and home.

  • RIZE ABOVE BARS -  A program that supports Criminal Justice Reform through advocacy and in strengthening families and co-parenting relationships for youth with incarcerated parents

  • DANCE ON THE STREET aka D.O.T.S. FEST -  A community festival that highlights local artist through dance, food and music. The fest serves as a fundraiser for the RIZE Youth organization programs




D.O.T.S. 2018 flier
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